There's a lot we're trying out here, but there's also some things that we're not focusing on for this test. Here's a couple that are "out of scope" - which is to say, we know that they're issues and we'll want to address them in the future, but we also want to experiment quickly to find what works and what doesn't.

  • Performance optimization for extremely data-heavy sites
  • If your site's pagecount reaches into the thousands, then you're gonna hit the limits of the system pretty quickly. It's not to say you shouldn't play around with it, just that it'll be slow to the point of being broken in some cases until the experiment stabilizes enough to start worrying about optimization in a real way.
  • Site customization
  • Customization of look-and-feel without needing to learn to code is planned for the future.
  • Source mode
  • Part of what we're testing is how much flexibility we can provide to contributors without users needing to learn special technologies in order to do so. If you're editing along and say to yourself "I really want Source mode so that I can do X", please let us know what 'X' is for you! Where possible, we want to find ways to give you an easy-to-use tool which does 'X', but which doesn't require learning WikiText, CSS, JavaScript, Lua, DPL, SMW, or any of the other technologies currently required to do cool things on a wiki.
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Similar to Source Mode, above, we'd like to add standardized widgets that offer extended functionality where possible. This will help prevent the scourge of a million slightly changed copy/pastes of the same <insert widget here> that currently makes it impossible to fix bugs across multiple communities at the same time.
  • That said, an SDK and easier path for creating and contributing widgets is planned for the future.